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The biggest shows in unscripted TV and streaming use Echotext for reliable transcription services. The human typists at Echotext are considerably more accurate than AI, meaning you won't miss any valuable key words. We offer formatting options, such as ScriptSync, to fit any show's needs.

Why Echotext?

Don't let your project fall by the wayside with the big tech transcription companies.  For 13 years, Echotext has been the safest choice for your unscripted project's critical needs. Interview transcription rates start at $1.49 per minute.

Customer Service

Want a transcription house that you can actually get ahold of? Echotext leads in customer service, which is why the biggest shows choose us.


Why risk sending your confidential files all over the globe with our competitors? Echotext's human typists are all located in the US and bound by confidentiality.  

Fair Pay

Echotext pays typists up to 3x more than our bigger tech competitors, while our prices remain competitive with those companies who outsource their transcription work.


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Video Accessories
“I can't imagine doing a reality show without Echotext.”

Drew, Post Supervisor, The Bachelor





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